Ken came to tattooing in the year 2000. Not much is known about his shadowed past, though much is rumored and assumed. We're pretty sure he used to be a ninja. Or a nudist. Something with 'n' in it. Hard to tell, really, but he came to Fast Lane when we opened in 2002.

Anyway, Ken took to tattooing like a huntsman to a duck and has been killing it ever since. From simple to mind-blowing, strict-and-stenciled to fevered free-hand, portraits and pinups, black and grey to eye-popping color, Ken's a guy who can get you fixed up. Barely comfortable with a party of five, he's a bit antsy to start with, but in a few minutes you'll feel right at home...if you happen to live next door to an insane asylum.

Ken also enjoys his family, his motorcycles, his pastel paintings and is a ravenous fan of theoretical quantum-mechanics.